Whatcom Unified Participates in Oil Spill Exercise

Last week, several members of the Whatcom Unified Emergency Management group participated in a multi-day exercise sponsored by the BP Cherry Point refinery. As most Whatcom County residents are aware, we are home to two petroleum refineries, which receive oil via ocean going tanker vessels that is then refined into various grades of gasoline and associated products, and distributed via pipeline to destinations to the south.

In order to be prepared for the possibility of an accidental release of petroleum products in our region, the refineries, in coordination with various federal, state and local agencies, conduct periodic drills and exercises to test their collective response capabilities. The video below includes interviews with representatives from a few of these participating agencies.

Please note: the activities discussed in this video relate to a fictional scenario developed for exercise purposes only – NO ACTUAL RELEASE OF OIL OR ANY OTHER MATERIAL OCCURRED IN RELATION TO THIS EXERCISE.

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