The Whatcom Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management and Whatcom Unified Emergency Management offer a variety of programs that allow volunteers to participate in the activities of community emergency management. Participants in these programs develop a greater awareness about preparedness in general, as well as the specific functions of our emergency management office. The programs provide an opportunity for the citizens of Whatcom County to serve their community and make a change in peoples lives.

   I would personally like to thank CERT members Bill Aiken and Geri Chumley for volunteering to assist at the recent County Corrections facility exercise. Likewise a big thank you goes out to Bob Jacobson who participated in his second CERT Program Managers class in Kirkland.

   What we do in our office,as well as out in the field would not be successful if it was not for our volunteers. Attached on this line is the Washington codes that volunteers (WAC118FORvolunteers ) follow. It is their willingness to “follow the rules”, serve the community , and live by example that makes them so special. Thank you all, for all that you do!

~Kent Catlin

Deputy Director, WCSO-DEM


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