Sheriff’s Office Leads Table Top for Teachers


(Lynden, WA)

Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management lead a three hour table top exercise for teachers, fire, and police from the city of Lynden today. The exercise was hosted at the Lynden Police Department and involved Lynden educators and first responders only.

The purpose of the exercise was to practice the schools all-hazard emergency plan and coordinate how it would work with the local first responders from the fire and police departments.

Whatcom Sheriff’s Office Deputy Director of Emergency Managment Kent Catlin had this to say, “this type of cooperation between the school district, the fire, and police department is paramount. The community should take pride in the fact these organizations/ agencies are willing to put differences aside and work together; you do not find this type of city/ school district cooperation everywhere in Washington State. Local solutions, to local problems is always the quickest way mitigate a disaster”.

The exercise was a six month effort of  planning and will help to lay the ground work for a safer community, and schools in the city of Lynden.


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