Rough Weather Continues

(Whatcom County, WASH)

Heads up Whatcom County! We can expect the following in the next 24 hours:

1.  SW winds 30-45+ mph west areas today, (can snap small branches off trees and cause brief and minor power outages). Wind decrease after dark tonight

2.  Slush possible down to Samish Curves later tonight, and up to 1″ wet snow Maple Falls, most after midnight

3.  Up to 1-2″ snow Maple Falls Thursday, and slush possible down to 500 ft or lower in heavier showers in the afternoon.

Click on picture to find out what to do in power outage.


Rain turns to scattered showers today with gusty to moderate SW winds west areas (see alert).  Showers continue at times tonight with lowering snow levels and wet snow concerns returning to Maple Falls overnight, and possibly down to Samish Curves later tonight.  Rain/snow showers continue at times Thursday  with snow levels remaining low.  Most of the time wet roads in the lowlands Thursday, although a heavier shower could cause slushy snow accumulation down to 500 ft or lower Thursday afternoon.  Watch for updates!

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