Whatcom Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Update

Welcome to our virtual 24/7 “town hall” presentation on the Whatcom Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan update project.

HERE’S SOME BACKGROUND ON THE PROJECT:  The Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation plan was adopted by Whatcom County, and the Flood Control Zone District after the 2009 flood event.  The plan has been updated to reflect progress on mitigation measures made since the original version of the plan. Updates have included additional flood hazard areas, including coastal areas and alluvial fans.  The Flood Control Zone District has been added as a separate jurisdiction included in the plan.   This plan is in the process of being updated. Our office is interested in receiving input from the public regarding the process.

SHOW ME MORE& HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Town Hall presentation and contact info, click here->Public online presentation

LET ME READ A COPY OF THE PLAN: To view a copy of draft we are updating click here.