Program for Schools

All Hazards Preparedness

Program  for Schools

Overview of Program:
The Whatcom County All Hazards Preparedness Program offers a proactive approach to school emergency training and assists school’s in providing a safe and secure place for children to learn and grow without fear.  
Through training and exercising, schools will:

*develop relationships with the first responders in their area

*will have the opportunity to test and evaluate their school’s emergency plans, policies, and procedures.

The Division of Emergency Management and area first responders have collaborated with one another to offer various training to local Whatcom County school districts. From natural and human caused disasters to violence in schools, this program covers it all and continues to expand.

Base Level Training Courses:
Although not required, these recommended prerequisite “base level” courses will help prepare and train your staff for the more advanced training modules. After a building staff or administration cadre has completed the Base Level Training, they can begin scheduling additional training for building staff or administration.  These courses are:

  • Introduction to the Incident Command System for Schools
    This free online course is designed primarily for kindergarten through high school personnel.  The overall course goal is to promote school safety by: (1) familiarizing you with how Incident Command System principles can be applied in school-based incidents; (2) preparing you to interface with community response personnel.
    Length: Depends on test taker
    Online Interactive Web-based Course – Take the test
  • Incident Command System Organizational Chart Development 
    Led by an Emergency Management liaison and in collaboration with select school staff, you will develop and complete an Incident Command System (ICS) organizational chart for your school within a hour time block.
    Length: 1 hour
  •     IS-362.a Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools 
    This free online course course is designed for teachers, substitute teachers, counselors, parent volunteers, coaches, bus drivers, and students. However, anyone with a personal or professional interest in school preparedness is welcome to participate. School administrators, principals, and first responders alike will find useful information in this course.

Length: Depends on test taker

All Hazards Training Program Courses:Triage/treatment course

These courses are offered in an effort to assist schools with specific challenges they may face in there planning and mitigation efforts. Led by an Emergency Management liaison and in collaboration with selected school staff, you will develop and complete training, planning assistance, and or an exercise in any of these courses.

*Active Shooter Table Top Exercise    * Search and Rescue Heavy Lifting      *Bus/Transportation Security 
*Basic Explosive Device Awareness             *Fire Suppression             *Triage and Treatment 
*Communication Protocols                    *Evacuation/Lockdown/Shelter-in-Place (planning and exercise) *Regional Gang Awareness Training 

 Additional Training  and Links: