Potential For Significant Weather Through Sunday

flooding-signThe National Weather Service and Environment Canada models all show that Whatcom County will experience heavy rain and high winds over the next three days.  The total rainfall is projected to be at least a couple inches in the lowlands, and up to six inches in the mountains.  This may result in some lowland flooding along the Nooksack and there is a potential for urban flooding as well.  Winds are expected to be 30-40 miles per hour, with possible gusts to 60, especially along coastal areas.  This may cause some localized coastal impacts.  Residents are urged to be cautious when driving, avoiding areas that are flooded.

truck-in-roadThe high winds that are expected could cause trees to fall over roadways and potentially caused down power lines.  Downed power lines are a danger and should be reported to 911.   There may also be power outages and residents should ensure that flashlights have batteries and other preparedness measures have been taken.

The Whatcom Unified Emergency Coordination Center is following the developing situation with the weather service and will issue updates as appropriate throughout the weekend.

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