“Night With The Sheriff” – Sheriff Elfo Meets With Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Volunteers

CERT Coordinator Greg Hope receives Volunteer of the Year Award from Sheriff Bill Elfo

Sheriff Bill Elfo recognized Greg Hope as volunteer of the year for his work managing the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and he met with over 80 CERT volunteers in the form of a “town hall meeting” that included his appreciation, gratitude and thanks for the thousands of hours of volunteer service that have been provided by CERT in service to the community.

During his comments, Sheriff Elfo pointed out that the number of CERT volunteers is 250% larger than the Sheriff’s Office full time staff and that the work that CERT does makes a significant difference when events occur that impact our community. He noted just some of the projects CERT has been involved with including:

Green Hornet Active Shooter Exercise, AirEx 2017 Airline Crash Exercise, Chief Spinner’s Line of Duty Death Funeral Service,  Iron Viking School Stabbing Exercise, Great Shakeout Drill, multiple safety and education Fairs, as well as outreach to our Spanish Community in support of the Mexican Consulate’s two day visit to Whatcom Community College.

Sheriff Elfo thanks CERT members for their service.

Sheriff Elfo concluded the evening praising each and everyone of the CERT members for their service and stated “The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the protection of the lives and property of the Citizens of Whatcom County and should a major event occur, we recognize that CERT will help our community respond and recover.”

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