Point Roberts Fire District #5 Receives Simulated Medical Supplies From Washington National Guard

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Whatcom County Fire District #5 receives simulated medical supplies from the Washington National Guard as part of Cascadia Rising (Photo Lenny Angello)

As part of the four-day Cascadia Rising earthquake drill, Whatcom County Fire District #5 located at Point Roberts, received simulated medical supplies that were flown to the remote and isolated peninsula by a Washington National Guard helicopter on Thursday afternoon, June 9.

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Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division Of Emergency Management Supporting WCFD #5 With The Off-Loading Of Simulated Medical Supplies (Photo Lenny Angello)

Supporting the simulated medical supply drop was the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management and the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Communication Unit.  According to WCFD #5 Chief John Shields, “The partnership demonstrated between our Fire Department, Whatcom County and the Washington National Guard is representative of the level of the shared commitment to serve the needs of our community of Point Roberts.

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Auxiliary Communications Service Provided Live Video Feeds And Communications To The ECC (Photo Lenny Angello)

Point Roberts was specifically picked for the joint agency medical supply drop due to the fact that should a real event such as Cascadia Rising occur it may be difficult to reach as even under normal conditions you must enter Canada, then re-enter the United States.  In a Cascadia event, the road access to Point Roberts may be impossible for some time due to subsidence and liquefaction.  Point Roberts would most likely be cut off with air resupply as the only alternative.

National Guard helicopter departs Pt. Roberts Air Park for Orcas Island

Washington Army National Guard UH-60 Departing Point Roberts For Orcas Island (Photo John Gargett)

Beginning at Gray Army Airfield at Joint Base Lewis McCord, the Guard’s 56th Information Operations Group used the helicopter to simulate delivering medical supplies to areas that had been cut off by the effects of a simulated 9.0 earthquake and its resulting tsunami. Other areas that received supplies were Paine Field, Oak Harbor, Anacortes, Orcas Island, and Friday Harbor. Col. Curt Simonson stated, “Our mission is to provide support to local authorities during disasters and this exercise is an example of our dedication to support local government.” For more information on the capabilities of the Guard, click on Washington National Guard.

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Point Roberts Fire Department, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division Of Emergency Management And The Washington Army National Guard In Point Roberts

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