Meridian Recognized for School Safety

{Click on link to see video footage} Meridian School Award


(Whatcom County, WASH)  Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office’s Division of Emergency Management recognized the Meridian School District last night at a school board meeting. The Division of Emergency Management’s Deputy Director  presented Superintendent Tom Churchill with an award for their participation in a collaborative, all-hazards, emergency preparedness unit that educated and prepared fifth grade students for hazards they may encounter.

Deputy Director not only praised the District for their participation in this project (which is now being looked at by state and city emergency managers from around the region) but also commend them for their ongoing cooperation with the Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies that has enhanced their student’s safety and security.

Catlin stated, “Our Division wants to recognize those School Districts that have made an ongoing commitment to school safety. We will continue to recognize those Districts in Whatcom County that are striving for excellence in this effort, throughout the coming year.”



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