May is Volcano Awareness Month

mtbaker. This is a great time learn more about Mt. Baker .Mt. Baker lies approximately 30 miles east of Bellingham. Whatcom County is also close to Glacier Peak. Both are active volcanoes with a history of eruptions. Volcanoes present multiple threats and much of the impact is dictated by weather conditions at the time of eruption. Mt. Baker has the highest volume of glacial ice of any Cascade volcano, increasing the risk of flooding due to eruption. Volcanoes present several threats to the area including flooding, landslide and ash damage. It is unlikely that communities would be directly hit by lava flows.

An eruption of Mt. Baker could isolate areas of the county as pyroclastic flows and landslides have the potential to destroy large roadways. The dam on Baker Lake, on the southeast side of Mt. Baker, has the potential for breach if large amounts of water and debris inundate it. This would likely affect areas of Skagit County, however. Recent History in Whatcom County The most recent eruption of Mt. Baker was in 1843; however in 1891 there was a collapse of a lahar. In 1975 the mountain showed signs of potential eruption as steam and heat expulsion from the crater increased. These indicators have since decreased to “normal” levels.

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