Contingency Plan for Your Agricultural Business

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No one can predict when disaster or an emergency will strike. However farms, and other agricultural businesses can be prepared for possible disruptions by creating a business continuity plan (COOP).

Train family or employees on a regular basis about what to do during a disaster or emergency. Sit down with family/ employees and ask, ‘what would you do?’ to determine the readiness of your farm or facilities. Acquire and maintain needed safety equipment and emergency supplies that you would need for your family, or to keep your operation going. Showing your family or employees how to be prepared at work and at home, so they are better equipped to help the farm recover from an emergency or disaster will pay dividends when an event occurs.

Owners need to identify the key assets, people, or resources that if lost, would shut their operation down. Once those risks are identified, plan on how to eliminate some of that risk . Consider your region and what type of disasters most likely will impact your business; then plan accordingly.

 A free online resource  is designed to help interested businesses develop COOP plans.

Use our Writing a Contingency Plan for Your Agricultural Business work sheet to get you started.



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