CERT Registered Emergency Workers

Many citizens complete CERT basic training, then return to their private lives and have no further contact with our program. This is fine, and our community is more resilient, thanks to their willingness to receive training and increase preparedness in our region!

However, we encourage our CERT basic training graduates to remain active with our program, to pursue additional training and join opportunities to exercise your skills. We want you to become CERT Registered Emergency Workers!

CERT Registered Emergency Workers have completed basic training and the following:

Complete a background check (at no cost) conducted by the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, with no findings and issue of a WA State Emergency Worker ID Card.

Within one year after basic training, complete the following three online courses, at no cost (these require a FEMA SID):

  1. Introduction to Incident Command System (IS-100.b)
  2. ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (IS-200.b)
  3. National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction (IS-700.a)

Each year, complete at least one continuing education activity. A variety of training opportunities (both independent online study and traditional classroom study) are available throughout the year.

Each year, participate in at least one approved training exercise, for example:

  • semiannual Shakeout exercises in April or October
  • triennial airport disaster exercises
  • final exercises that conclude our basic training courses
  • a variety of other exercise opportunities throughout the year

Why? The goals of these initial and ongoing training and exercise requirements are to maintain your skills, expand your knowledge, keep you in touch with your fellow CERT volunteers, and help you to discover emergency response functions and roles that match your interests and abilities. Above all, ongoing training helps to maximize our safety in the response environment.

“What’s in it for me?” Yes, we do ask that you take a serious approach to your volunteer participation with Whatcom CERT, but commitment can be rewarding! We’re working on additional benefits for our active CERT Registered Emergency Workers, including:

  • annual member celebrations
  • discounts with local supporting merchants
  • recognition awards for volunteer hours and milestones

What’s next? If you did not elect this level of participation when you completed CERT basic training, but wish to do so now, great! Just contact us and we will help you take the next step.

What else? The following state legislation defines our responsibilities, conditions of duty, and protections from liability while performing as volunteer emergency workers.