CERT-related Videos & Participant Manual

For the best possible learning experience, make every attempt to watch the videos and read the participant manual units before each class session.

Class Session 1: Disaster Preparedness, Hazard Mitigation, Local Vulnerabilities

Class Session 2: Fire Safety, Fire Suppression, Utility Controls

Class Session 3: Disaster Medical Operations, Part 1 (Triage, Life Saving Interventions)

Class Session 4: Light Search & Rescue Operations

Class Session 5: Disaster Medical Operations, Part 2 (Public Health & Hygiene, Head to Toe Assessment, Basic Treatments)

Class Session 6: Disaster Psychology & CERT Organization

Class Session 7: Table Top Exercise & Final Exam

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Beyond CERT

  • Hands-only CPR (1.5 minutes) CPR is not a component of a Simple Treatment And Rapid Triage in a multi-casualty disaster context, but CPR training is extremely valuable for emergencies in a non-disaster setting. 
  • Whatcom Specialized Emergency Response Program (SERP) An example of the kinds of response that are outside the CERT mission.