Are You Winter Ready?

 (Whatcom County, WASH)

With winter on its way it may be the right time to think of some things that you can do to be ready.  Properly preparing for winter type emergencies now, will save you grief when winter ushers them in. Here are a few items to help:

A good location for a completed “emergency phone #” list is on your refrigerator door. Remember when cell phones die, and there is no power to recharge, all those saved numbers will no longer be accessible. If in the blanks, print, and post the form below.

SHERIFF – 676-6650                                     POLICE – 911
FIRE – 911                                                      HOSPITAL –
PHYSICIAN –                                                 PHARMACY –
DENTIST –                                                      MEDICAL INSURER –
ELECTRIC CO. –                                            TELEPHONE CO.
GAS CO. –                                                      CABLE CO.
TRASH CO. –                                                 PLUMBER –
ELECTRICIAN –                                            HANDY MAN –

Below is a copy of our Division of Emergency Management/ Whatcom Unified “Ready for Winter Checklist”. How many of the items have you completed?

Ready for Winter Checklist CHECK LIST

  1. Backup supply of essential medications.
  2. House, flood, and auto insurance up to date.
  3. Containers of fresh drinking water.
  4. Energy bars for car,and 2 weeks of extra food stored in your home.
  5. Flashlights, batteries, and bulbs.
  6. Emergency blankets, hats, and gloves stashed in car.
  7. Battery operated emergency radio.
  8. Inventory of house contents and valuables in a safe place.
  9. House address number is readable and visible.
  10. Gutters and downspouts clear.
  11.  Vehicles have anti-freeze coolant.
  12. Secure outside items such as furniture, hoses, and tools.
  13. Heating system and chimneys in good working order.
  14. Electric space heater of proper wattage in working order.
  15. Outside water facets insulated and ready for winter.
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