A VERY Gentle Reminder

Wait….did you feel that? It was an earthquake – just east of Deming along the banks of the Middle Fork of the Nooksak!

But at a magnitude 2.6 and 12.3 miles deep, you probably didn’t feel it. It’s unlikely anyone did, as most people can’t consciously detect an earthquake until it get above 3.0 or so. But the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network sensors sure picked it up.

Screenshot from Pacific Northwest Seismic Network’s website.

The fact is, we actually have thousands of earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest every year – most of them below the 3.0 threshold. But each and every one is a gentle reminder that we live in a geologically “alive” region – where the ground can move and volcanoes can burp. Generally, events like the one today are minor – even¬†imperceptible. But one day, we are guaranteed to experience a major geologic incident – with perhaps little or no warning. Except of course these periodic gentle reminders.

If you haven’t thought about how you and your family, business, or community would respond to and recover from an earthquake (perhaps even one as big as those that recently affected Indonesia, Chile, Haiti and Japan) – why not spend a little time this weekend doing just that:

What if….?

What would I do….?

How would I do it….?

What would I need….?

Now just replace the “I” with “my family,” or “my business,” or “my community.” After all, it’s definitely not something you have to do alone – in fact, preparedness efforts are far more effective when conducted in groups. One option is to consider signing up for and attending a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. If you’d like to learn more about CERT, give our office a call – 360-676-6681.

And remember – sooner or later the earth will stop sending “gentle reminders” – and instead we’ll get the main event.

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