A Valentines Day Earthquake Demonstrates Resilience

Christchurch earthquake: ‘That’s life – you get used to the rumbles’


2016 Valentines Day 5.7 Earthquake Hill Collapse (Photo by The Guardian)

The last two paragraphs of The Guardian’s article on the 5.7 Valentine’s Day (2/14/2016) earthquake – (Click Here For Full Article) in Christchurch New Zealand demonstrate how the country is learning to live with earthquakes after they experienced the “big one” in 2011 (The earthquake comes just a week before the fifth anniversary of the 6.3 magnitude February 22, 2011 quake that killed 185 people and flattened large swaths of the city, including the cathedral):

“The thing I observed immediately after this earthquake: people went out and talked to their neighbours, and that is step one – realising you’re not alone.

“I have been so impressed by how resilient people are here. People have become more invested in the community around them, and they also draw strength from that community. We are not letting this stop us, we just keep trying to live a normal life.”

Being resilient begins with recognizing and understanding the nature of the threats we face.  Being resilient also means being prepared.  If you have not yet started planning your disaster kit, you can go from awareness to action by building a kit over the next couple of months with Whatcom Unified Emergency Management!

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