2nd Storm Of Week Has Arrived In Whatcom County


King 5 Future Cast for 8:00 PM October 15

The Songda Storm has arrived in Whatcom County with the onset of the peak winds is still set for 7:00 PM tonight, October 15, 2016.  There is no change in the revised predictions for higher winds for Whatcom County with gusts possibly reaching 70-75.

There are currently about 500 people without  power scattered across Whatcom County and it is likely that as conditions deteriorate over the remainder of today and into tonight that we will have additional power outages.

The Flood Watch for the Nooksack has been cancelled with the steady rain turning to rain showers through Sunday.


King 5 Future Cast for 11:00 PM October 15

The National Weather Service Storm Warning for the coastal waters of Whatcom County is now in effect. The Storm Warning means winds of 48 to 63 knots are expected. Recreational boaters should remain in port. Commercial vessels should prepare for very strong winds and dangerous sea conditions and consider remaining in port. The high tide for the coastal waters of Whatcom County are expected to be 9’ and these should occur at 5:00 PM. The exposed coastal areas of Semiahmoo, Birch Bay, Sandy Point, Lummi Nation and Lummi Island may experience overspray from waves, but significant tidal surge overflow is not expected, although some minor tidal overflow could occur.

King 5 Future Cast for 2:00 AM October 16

King 5 Future Cast for 2:00 AM October 16

Coastal communities should take precautions along the shorelines.  Wave and wind action could cause logs and debris to be tossed on-shore. Coastal Communities should also be aware that the Storm Warning is posted until tomorrow morning at 2:00 AM and while the high tide will recede early this evening, lowering the potential for overflow and overspray, the winds are not expected to decrease throughout the night which may result in downed trees and powerlines as well as power outages.

Whatcom County Public Works reports that as of 3:00 PM there are 19 roads across the county that are still 19 roads that have been impacted with a number closed for downed power lines or trees in the road.  Drivers should use extreme caution when driving, and it is recommended that driving be limited to necessary travel only through Saturday night.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Auxillary Communications Service has activated as well as the City of Blaine ACS and City of Ferndale ACS.  Point Roberts and Sudden Valley ACS teams have also been activated.  Radio communications to and from the Whatcom Unified Emergency Coordination Center have, and are, being tested prior to the arrival of the winds.

The Whatcom Unified Emegency Coordination Center is now staffed at a Phase II activation level.  The WU ECC will fully activate as needed, appropriate, or conditions and situations warrant.

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